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A Different Approach to Lent

4 Mar

Nurture ImageThis week I have been inspired by Lent, that 40-day period in the run-up to Easter when we traditionally choose to give something up.  Maybe you are thinking about giving up chocolate for Lent?  Or maybe alcohol?  A couple of year’s ago, I chose to give up watching TV during Lent.

I would like to suggest that you do something different this year.  Our minds can struggle with the idea of giving something up or stopping a particular behaviour.  You might have experienced this if you’ve decided to go on a diet in the past or give up smoking; you will have noticed that food or cigarettes kept finding their way to the forefront of your mind!

Our minds find it much easier to start a new habit, to bring something new into our lives, and this is what I would like to challenge you to do during Lent.  What new habit would you like to establish?  What would you like more of in your life?  The next 40-day period is the perfect opportunity to do this.

I talk about this in my regular Tuesday Challenge video this week and you can watch it below.

I would love to know what new positive habit you have decided to create for yourself?  What are you choosing to bring more of into your life?  Let me know and show your commitment by commenting below this blog post.

Just think, by Easter you could have a wonderful, new, supportive habit as part of your everyday life!

Could a Negativity Diet Help You?

25 Feb

Each week I send out a  Tuesday Challenge and this week I am inviting you to take part.

I am challenging you to put yourself on a Negativity Diet for the next seven days.  What do I mean by this?  The idea is to reduce (or eliminate completely!) negativity from your life.   You can do this by:

  • Not being drawn into negative, gossipy conversations with others.
  • Not grumbling or complaining about yourself, your situation or the people around you.
  • Watching your thoughts and noticing those times when you are critical about yourself. (When you notice your thinking, you can change it.)
  • Commiting to not putting negative status updates or comments on Facebook, or other social media.
  • Being aware of the information you are taking in through TV, newspapers and magazines and choosing to focus on the positive.

Why should you do this?  Well, the fact is that whatever you put out into the world, through your words, thoughts and interactions, you get more of that back.  So, if you are putting a lot of negativity out there, then you will get a whole load of negativity back (and I’m sure you don’t want that!)

If you choose to put more positivity and support out into the world, then guess what?  You will get a lot more positivity and support coming back to you.

Watch the video below for more details of the challenge and commit to taking part by posting in the comments below.   Let’s spread some positive vibes this week!


Outside the Comfort Zone

18 Feb

Out of the comfort zoneWhen was the last time you took a step outside of your comfort zone?

When did you last do something that made you feel a little bit uncomfortable, a little scared and quite excited?

Is there something you are wanting to do, but you find yourself making excuses about why you can’t?

As a mindset specialist, I know that when we challenge ourselves, when we do something different that takes us out of our comfort zone, we receive many benefits.  We grow our self-confidence, we feel better about ourselves and we expand our sense of possibility.

It’s been proven that around 95% of the thoughts we have each day are the same as the day before (and the day before that, and the day before that – yawn!)  The same goes for our behaviour.  We tend to do the same things, speak to the same people, go to the same places, day after day.  When we keep thinking and doing the same things, our world starts to shrink.  As our world begins to shrink, so do our confidence levels.

I know that it can feel easier to stay safely inside our comfort zone.   It’s a very tempting, cosy place to be.

I also know that when we challenge ourselves to do something different, it feels great and the positive effects can be long-lasting.

So, today I have set you a challenge.  Watch the video below and decide what action you are going to take this week to expand your comfort zone.

Don’t forget to comment below and let me know what step you will be taking outside your comfort zone.  I look forward to hearing what it’s like ‘out there’!

Shhh….. Are You Listening?

11 Feb

listenI quite often get asked to speak at different events and workshops, I’ve even been interviewed on BBC Radio, and I enjoy getting the word out about the power of hypnotherapy and emotional freedom technique.  But, as a therapist, what I do best is to listen.

When clients come to me, I’m not there to bombard them with information (we get enough of that in the media and online).  I’m not there to give my opinion (friends, family and acquaintances do a great job of letting us know what they think.)  I’m not there to tell my clients what to do (although some of them might like me to.)

What I am there to do is to carefully listen to what my client is telling me, to ask helpful questions, to give them the space to gently explore what is going on for them and to help them find the best way forward.

When you think about it, we don’t very often get an opportunity to be truly listened to in everyday life.  Even with those who are close to us, they will have their own ideas, their own agendas, however well-meaning.  Conversations can be fast-paced, backwards and forwards, as everyone tries to make their point.  Many interactions take place online or via text and words can be misinterpreted, our intentions can be misunderstood.

When we are truly listened to, it can be a transformational experience.  When someone hears our true voice, when someone ‘gets’ us, when someone gives us the space to get to what we really mean, what we are really trying to say and sometimes that can take time.

That is why I love working with my clients, offering a space for them to talk about and explore whatever they want to focus on.  We might use hypnotherapy or EFT to deepen that exploration, uncover underlying issues, or think about new possibilities, new choices, new opportunities, but before that I listen.

It seems so simple and it can be.

And do you know what?  Often we don’t even listen to ourselves.  Do you take the time to notice the signals your body is giving you?  Do you trust your gut instinct?  Are you in touch with your deep inner wisdom?  This is what I work on with my clients, helping them to find their own answers.   Because whatever you want to do in life, whatever changes you want to make, however you want to be, you have the answers.  You just need to get quiet and listen.

So, my suggestion to you this week is to take some time, give yourself some space and listen to what’s going on for you.  Ask a question of yourself and listen out for the answer.  It will come.

And if you think you could do with some therapeutic listening space, get in touch and let’s talk.

Why 1-1 hypnotherapy is SO different from just listening to a CD (or reading a book).

5 Feb

woman listening to musicApologies for the long title to this blog post, but this week I am on a bit of a rant (only a bit, I don’t do huge rants generally!)

Recently I was reading some reviews on Amazon for Paul McKenna’s Hypnotic Gastric Band book and CD and although many of the reviews were positive, I was struck by one in particular.  This woman said it hadn’t worked, but at least it had saved her money as she had previously been planning to go and see a therapist for a hypno-gastric band.  Because she had read the book, listened to the CD and didn’t have the desired results, she was ruling out getting individual help.

That’s fair enough.  I don’t expect everyone to want to work with a hypnotherapist.  However, if you want results, if you want to address your unique needs, then one-to-one is absolutely the way to go.

Reading self-help books is fantastic (it’s one of my favourite pastimes actually!), but the only way to make a change is to take action.  I must admit, I often find myself reading books that have suggestions and exercises in them and most of the time, I don’t do them.  Obviously, the change I am reading about is just not important enough for me to take action.  That’s okay.  I enjoy the book and I will take something from it, but if I don’t fully engage then I won’t receive the best results.

I haven’t read Paul McKenna’s Hypnotic Gastric Band book, but I’m sure that has action points in it too, suggestions on things to do differently.  The fact is, those who don’t implement the suggestions won’t get the results they want.  Simple.

How about listening to a hypnosis CD?  These can be very useful.  CDs can help you to relax and work with specific issues.  However, a CD won’t be specifically tailored to you.  It won’t use your language and it won’t address your individual needs.

I was speaking to a friend the other day who had used hypno-birthing CDs prior to having her baby and although she had found them useful, when it came to her personal labour experience the CDs didn’t fully meet her needs.  She wished she had booked some one-to-one hypno-birthing with me.

When I work one-to-one with a client, I don’t go straight into the hypnosis part of the process.  The first (and hugely important) step is to talk.  I ask the right questions so that we can get to the core of the particular issue we are working on.  Often talking about and exploring a problem can be transformative in itself.

Once I have the information I need, we move into hypnotherapy and often this can be a two-way process with me asking the client questions under hypnosis.

Every part of the process is tailored to the individual client and this is how we achieve big changes and shifts, often very quickly.

So, if you are interested in hypnotherapy, please do buy a book and listen to a CD to find out more, but if you want to make powerful and long-lasting change, get in touch and let’s talk about what’s best for YOU.


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