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Reconnect with your Power

21 Feb

I have been drawn to reading fiction recently and thinking about what stories have to tell us.

I’m reading ‘The Book of Lost Things’ by John Connolly at the moment; it’s about a boy who gets drawn into a strange, fairytale land.  He is given a small sword to protect himself and, although he doesn’t really know how to use it having the sword at his side helps him to feel stronger and a little braver.

This got me thinking, what small things can help us to feel stronger and braver?  Sometimes we can feel like little children lost in a dark, scary wood and at times like these small things can make a huge difference.  Perhaps we can think of a positive affirmation that helps us to feel strong, maybe we can carry a small token that reminds us of happy times, or how about a particular yoga posture that helps us to get in touch with that brave side of us?

We can all find some sort of trigger that helps us to reconnect with the powerful part of us.  The trick is to find the right thing and start using it now.  Make it a daily ritual to do, say or carry one thing that helps you to feel your power.  We all have inner strength, we just need to cultivate it.

So, what’s your way of connecting with that warrior part of you?

Get in Touch With Your Joy

13 Feb

At times it can be easy to get sucked into a spiral of downward thinking; feeling low and focusing on all the things we believe  are wrong with our lives.  We can forget that we are actually in control of our feelings and thinking negatively can become a habit.

So, how do we turn this around?  The first thing to realise is that we can take moments of joy whenever we want them; we don’t have to wait for happiness to be presented to us by someone or something else.     Fragments of joy are everywhere – the buds waiting to burst on a magnolia tree, seeing the gleeful wagging of a dog’s tail, taking the time to be kind to yourself, or someone else.  All of these things can bring us a wonderful warm feeling; we just have to notice them.

Another way to get in touch with your joy is to think back to a time when you felt particularly happy.  Close your eyes for a moment and take yourself back to that time; notice what you can see, hear and smell and make the memory as vivid as possible.  The mind is very powerful and when you focus on a happy memory, you can actually bring those feelings back to you.  Hypnotherapy can be a wonderful way of accessing positive feelings and bringing them into the present.

So, why not decide to make joyful thinking a habit?

Wedding Weight Loss

7 Feb

I have been spending a lot of time in bridal shops lately and have been struck by the number of brides who want to lose weight for their wedding.  We all want to look and feel our best on special days, so I thought I would share some of the tips I use with my clients.

1) Create an image of how you want to be.  Take some time to imagine in your mind just how you want to look.  Make the image as detailed as possible, see the clothes you are wearing, how you are standing and let the colours be as bright and vivid as possible.  Take some time each day to focus on this image – your subconscious will automatically start working towards it!

2) Get in touch with your hungry feeling.  Many of us aren’t even aware of how hungry feels – we eat for lots of other reasons; stress, boredom or to give ourselves a treat.   Make a decision to only eat when you are truly hungry – do this for one week at first and the habit will spread.

3) Eat mindfully.  Quite often, we will be eating when we are doing other things – watching the TV, reading a magazine or surfing online.  When we do this, we don’t even notice what we are eating.  Allow yourself to enjoy your food, sit down and devote your attention simply to eating.  This will help you to stay in touch with your hungry feeling and stop when you are full.

These are just a few of the ways I work with my weight loss clients.  If you have a special occasion coming up that you want to feel your best for, I’d love to help you achieve it!


29 Nov

Someone said something to me the other day which prompted me to question what I think of as generosity.  At this time of year we can feel under pressure to be generous with Christmas gifts and spend lots of money, however, we can also be generous with ourselves; generosity of spirit.

Why not make some time for those you care about – make that phone call you have been putting off, visit the relative you have been avoiding, or stop to chat to a neighbour rather than rushing off.   We can spend so much time in our heads, thinking about what we need to do next, that we often miss the moment.  By taking time out to engage with others, you will naturally feel more present.

So, my aim for December is to keep generosity at the forefront of my mind and to bring it into all of my interactions with others.  Why don’t you join me?


16 Nov

The work I do with my clients is all about change.  Some may want to lose weight, some may want to be more confident, others may want to improve their relationships – the ways of working with hypnotherapy are endless.  However, the approach I use doesn’t try to offer a ‘quick fix’; I want people to make a long-term change that stays with them.

This means that when I start working with someone we will spend time looking at the underlying reasons for any unhelpful patterns of behaviour.  When we find the part of you which is causing you to perhaps overeat, smoke or hold back in life, I will encourage you to see that this part is trying to do the best for you; maybe it’s trying to comfort you, relax you or keep you safe.  Once we can see what’s going on in our unconscious minds and accept that part of ourselves, we can start to change the way we behave.

The psychotherapist, Joseph Zinker encouraged people to look at themselves as if they were a beautiful sunset or a view in nature.  When we see something like this, we don’t try to change it, we appreciate every part for what it is.  If we can see ourselves like this, appreciating and accepting every part of us, then change will start to happen naturally.  We will feel freer to move forward, rather than using our energy constantly trying to suppress our true selves.

So, take some time out to appreciate every part of you.

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