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How We Can Change in a Moment.

14 Dec

Sometimes we feel like it will take a lifetime for us to make the changes we want to make.  It’s easy to get disheartened and just not bother, but let’s remember those times when we changed in a flash. 

I worked with someone recently who had started to have a phobia over the past year.  It came on very suddenly, for no apparent reason and ever since he has had difficulty in certain situations.  He felt that he would just have to put up with this phobia from now on and work around it, however, I took the fact that it had started so suddenly as a positive.   If we can change one way in an instant, we can change for the better just as quickly.

Our subconscious mind reacts to situations based on the information it has and it always tries to work in our favour.  However, sometimes this can lead to patterns of behaviour which are not beneficial for us.   Phobias can be formed as a way for our subconscious to protect us – it’s trying to help, but it can be very limiting for us.

By the end of the session with my client, he said he felt like a different person; he was calm and felt positive about dealing with the same situation in the future.   Through hypnotherapy we had changed his response to this particular trigger from fear and anxiety to calm and relaxation.

We each have all the resources within us to achieve whatever we want to; sometimes our subconscious gets a bit mixed up and needs some help so that we respond in a different way.   Hypnotherapy can help us to make these changes, quickly and easily.  We don’t always have to look at why we are reacting in a particular way, we just have to decide how we would prefer to respond and let our subconscious know that.  It really is that easy!

If there’s something you would like to change, why not get in touch today and do something about it?

Why Wait?

16 Nov

It’s coming up to that time of year again when our thoughts turn to Christmas and all that entails. There’s so much to think about and do that it’s tempting to put any plans to get fit, lose weight or give up smoking on hold. We often decide to wait until January to make any changes as part of our New Year’s resolutions (and how long do they normally last?) As for relaxation, well there’s certainly no time for that!

But hang on a minute, wouldn’t it be better to go into the festive season feeling really good about yourself? Feeling healthy, refreshed and relaxed? Ready to enjoy Christmas without feeling guilty about over-indulging?

We tend to put so much pressure on ourselves in January to completely overhaul our lifestyles; setting lots of goals and then feeling disappointed when we don’t meet them all. So why not take the pressure off this year and start to make some changes now?

Whether you want to lose weight, reduce your stress levels, give up smoking or deal with any awkward relatives more resourcefully, hypnotherapy can help you to do this in a positive, relaxed way. And it will give you some much needed ‘me-time’ in the run-up to Christmas!

Why don’t you contact me today and let me know what you’d like to achieve before Christmas?

Visualise to Succeed

18 Oct

Visualisation is an amazingly simple way to help us achieve our goals and get our desired outcome.  I have used this to great effect recently with one of my personal goals – running my first 10k race.

In the past I have had a real psychological barrier with running; I used to get out of breath very quickly and would often just give up and stop running after a very short time.  The furthest I had ever run was 5k and that was a struggle.

When I started studying hypnotherapy and NLP, I looked at my thought processes in more detail and realised that whenever I started running, I would be calculating in my head when I would stop for a break.  I would actually visualise myself stopping at a certain point and that is what always happened.  The consequence is that I got disheartened and convinced myself that I just couldn’t run.

So, time for a change!  I decided to enter my first 10k race and to achieve that I knew I had to alter my way of thinking.  Whenever I went for a run I would first visualise myself running the whole route, looking comfortable and still going strong at the end.  This had amazing results and the first time I used the technique I ran over 8km, much further than I had ever done before.

Yesterday I completed my 10k, much faster than I expected and I loved every minute of it!  Of course, I did plenty of training to get myself physically in condition, however, the mental element was crucial.  Before the race, I visualised myself completing the course and running over the finishing line in good time.

This may sound deceptively simple, but it works!  Think of something that you want to achieve and give it a go – just spend a few moments seeing yourself getting the outcome you want.  Whatever you focus on, you’ll get; so if you see yourself failing, you probably will.  See yourself succeeding and you really can achieve anything.

I’d love to hear your personal experiences of this, so get in touch and let me know how you get on…

What is Hypnotherapy?

21 Sep

Hypnotherapy can easily be misunderstood; you may have visions of a stage hypnotist getting you to do ridiculous things in front of hundreds of people, of being out of control and having your mind meddled with – scary! Using hypnotherapy in a therapeutic way is VERY different.

Richard Bandler, one of the creators of NLP, has said that ‘Everything is hypnosis’ and that we simply move from one trance to another. Hypnotherapy involves accessing and working with the subconscious mind which is constantly being bombarded with information. The thing is that our subconscious is not subjective; it simply stores whatever is thrown at it – this can be positive, however, it can also influence us negatively. The subconscious is hugely powerful, but it needs direction and we can achieve this through hypnosis.

Using hypnotherapy we can first recognise what isn’t working and then replace it with a new way that does – simple! And, it’s a completely collaborative process; hypnosis is not something that’s ‘done to you’, it’s a way of working with me as your therapist to achieve your goals.

Food for thought – why not contact me and tell me what you want to change about your life? Then we can get started doing something about it. How exciting is that?

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