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Planting Seeds

19 Mar

I was running a weight loss and wellbeing workshop at the weekend and one of the exercises I asked the participants to do was to imagine their intentions, their goals, as seeds.  I asked them to close their eyes and imagine planting these intention seeds in the ground, patting them into place and giving them some water.

At the end of the day, when we had spent time discussing what was going to move them forward and what was going to support them with their goals in the future, I asked them to come back to their seeds and notice any differences.  Some had a few shoots of growth coming up through the ground and some had a small plant with flowers.  The day had given them the beginnings of what they needed to allow their intentions to grow and become real.   As we ended the workshop, I asked them to think about what they would need from now on to continue growing their intentions, what would nurture their goals?

This was a very powerful exercise and fits very well at this time of year.  20th March is the Spring Equinox, when night and day are the same length and we move into the season of growth.  This is a wonderful time to be making the changes and transformations you want to.

Over the next few days, why not take some time to think about your intentions for the rest of the year?  Give yourself some space to do this and write down what you would like to achieve.  Then, when you know what you want to move towards, close your eyes and imagine planting those precious seeds, one for each intention or goal.

By doing this exercise, you are sending a strong message to your subconscious mind, letting it know what you want, how you want things to be different.  Once you have sent this message, this deep, powerful part of your mind will start finding ways to get you there.

Maybe you want to lose weight, give up smoking, become more confident, overcome some block that is holding you back – whatever you want to change, just plant the seed now and see how it grows.

If you would like to know more about harnessing the power of the subconscious mind, using hypnotherapy, to help you achieve your goals, please do get in touch.

Get in Touch With Your Joy

13 Feb

At times it can be easy to get sucked into a spiral of downward thinking; feeling low and focusing on all the things we believe  are wrong with our lives.  We can forget that we are actually in control of our feelings and thinking negatively can become a habit.

So, how do we turn this around?  The first thing to realise is that we can take moments of joy whenever we want them; we don’t have to wait for happiness to be presented to us by someone or something else.     Fragments of joy are everywhere – the buds waiting to burst on a magnolia tree, seeing the gleeful wagging of a dog’s tail, taking the time to be kind to yourself, or someone else.  All of these things can bring us a wonderful warm feeling; we just have to notice them.

Another way to get in touch with your joy is to think back to a time when you felt particularly happy.  Close your eyes for a moment and take yourself back to that time; notice what you can see, hear and smell and make the memory as vivid as possible.  The mind is very powerful and when you focus on a happy memory, you can actually bring those feelings back to you.  Hypnotherapy can be a wonderful way of accessing positive feelings and bringing them into the present.

So, why not decide to make joyful thinking a habit?


8 Jun

How often in life do we dwell on the negative?  We can give ourselves such a hard time, focussing on what we’re doing wrong and the mistakes we think we’ve made.  Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could switch our mindsets and focus on the positive instead – the achievements we’ve made and how far we have come.

I was working with a client recently who helped me to realise the importance of celebrating our successes.    She felt that she had taken a step back and was bitterly disappointed with herself.  She felt that all of her hard work had been for nothing.     She started the session feeling downbeat and being incredibly hard on herself.  As we talked though it became apparent that she had received positive feedback about how she had changed over the past few weeks – people around her were noticing the difference.  She was moving forward.

So, how would it be to congratulate ourselves when we move towards our goals?  However large or small the step is, if we’re making progress then that’s to be celebrated.  Often we don’t even realise our successes; we get bogged down with all the tiny setbacks – they seem so much bigger than our steps forward.

From now on, listen out for that little critical voice inside and when it begins to give you a hard time, start to think about something positive you have achieved recently – maybe a compliment you have received, how you’ve made a change in your life or done something to help someone else.  If we consciously start to switch our thought patterns, then very soon it will start to happen naturally and we’ll find that we have a much more positive outlook.

So, give yourself an internal pat on the back and celebrate your successes!

Visualise to Succeed

18 Oct

Visualisation is an amazingly simple way to help us achieve our goals and get our desired outcome.  I have used this to great effect recently with one of my personal goals – running my first 10k race.

In the past I have had a real psychological barrier with running; I used to get out of breath very quickly and would often just give up and stop running after a very short time.  The furthest I had ever run was 5k and that was a struggle.

When I started studying hypnotherapy and NLP, I looked at my thought processes in more detail and realised that whenever I started running, I would be calculating in my head when I would stop for a break.  I would actually visualise myself stopping at a certain point and that is what always happened.  The consequence is that I got disheartened and convinced myself that I just couldn’t run.

So, time for a change!  I decided to enter my first 10k race and to achieve that I knew I had to alter my way of thinking.  Whenever I went for a run I would first visualise myself running the whole route, looking comfortable and still going strong at the end.  This had amazing results and the first time I used the technique I ran over 8km, much further than I had ever done before.

Yesterday I completed my 10k, much faster than I expected and I loved every minute of it!  Of course, I did plenty of training to get myself physically in condition, however, the mental element was crucial.  Before the race, I visualised myself completing the course and running over the finishing line in good time.

This may sound deceptively simple, but it works!  Think of something that you want to achieve and give it a go – just spend a few moments seeing yourself getting the outcome you want.  Whatever you focus on, you’ll get; so if you see yourself failing, you probably will.  See yourself succeeding and you really can achieve anything.

I’d love to hear your personal experiences of this, so get in touch and let me know how you get on…

Enjoying the Journey

7 Oct

It’s generally accepted that it’s important to have goals in life. Most self-help books agree on this point and encourage us to set well-defined goals that we can work towards in order to move forwards.  Goal-setting is certainly something I use with clients and it’s an integral part of life-coaching.

However, achieving our goals is not the be-all and end-all; we shouldn’t put off being happy until we get a new job, lose two stone or find our perfect partner. 

Achieving one goal consists of many small steps along the way – some may take us forwards and some may take us backwards, so why not take time to enjoy each one?

Relish each step forward; congratulate yourself and celebrate your achievement – allow yourself to enjoy it.

If you feel that you’ve taken a step backwards, don’t beat yourself up.  You can use this as an opportunity to see how you can do things differently next time.

Have a think now about a particular goal that you’re working towards at the moment.  Take some time to appreciate how far you’ve come; and if you haven’t started yet, why not take your first step now,  it only has to be small. Most importantly of all, enjoy it!

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