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A Different Perspective

30 Sep

I have been doing a lot of work over the last couple of weeks on perspective and it’s surprising how beneficial it can be to simply change your viewpoint on a particular situation.

Often when we are in a difficult situation it can seem overwhelming; negative thoughts and feelings stream into our mind and we can’t see any way out of it. However, there is a simple and effective technique we can use to mentally step back from the problem and gain some perspective.

When you are struggling with something or someone and perhaps you have woken up in the middle of the night and can’t get it out of your head, create a picture of the situation or person in your mind. Notice whether this picture is in colour and, if it is, change it to black and white. Once you have done this, start to make the picture dull and fuzzy, as if it has been dropped into a puddle. Finally, start to shrink the picture down and push it away from you until it becomes a small dot in the distance. Notice how you feel about the situation or person now – if you practise this technique, I guarantee you will feel better.

Allowing yourself to mentally step out of a situation and become a detached observer will often help you to see that it’s not overwhelming at all. You can cope with it – you just need to take a step back and get things into perspective. Using the above technique will start to train your unconscious mind to do this automatically, so why not use it the next time you’re finding something or someone difficult.

Let me know how you get on …..

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