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5 Feb

An experience I had today has led me to think about how often we can be carrying things that are really not helpful.  I have been driving around with a massage couch in the back of my car for the last couple of weeks – I had visited a friend to give her a well-deserved massage and rather than lifting it out of my car as soon as I got home, I thought ‘oh, I’ll just do it later’.  And of course, it stayed banging around in the back of my car, getting in the way, causing me to use more petrol and generally irritating me every time I went to drive somewhere.

Silly eh?   Why didn’t I just take it out straight  away?  Why did I put up with this extra burden when I could have cleared it away?  Well, today I finally moved the couch back into my house and I felt better immediately.  My car has more space and I know I won’t have that nagging feeling whenever I go to drive.

So, you may be thinking, why is Nicola telling us this?  Well it got me thinking about all the things we carry with us in life that are not helpful – maybe it’s extra physical weight, emotional issues, worries or anxieties, perhaps it’s a cluttered environment that we live in.  All of these things hold us back in some way, they niggle us and take up our energy.  And do you know what?  We can choose to put them down.  We can choose to clear some space and unburden ourselves.

Imagine how it would be to put down that weight you’ve been carrying, emotionally or physically – the relief you would experience.

Well,  I can help with that.  Using hypnotherapy we can work together to let go of anything you’re carrying that isn’t serving you.  So, what would you like to clear away?  Contact me and find out how I can help.

And, if it’s physical weight you want to let go of, then I am starting a special online programme which is the perfect solution.  Click here for more details and to sign-up.

An Attitude of Gratitude

30 Oct

Most of the people who come to see me want to make some sort of change in their lives, maybe they want to lose weight, feel more confident or even have a baby.  This means that there is generally something they are currently unhappy with.  When we’re unhappy or dissatisfied with an element of our lives, we can get tied up with thinking about it constantly.  We can start obsessing with how overweight we are or the fact that we just can’t seem to get pregnant.  This kind of thinking can easily turn into a downward spiral and it can be difficult to see a way out.

When we’re thinking unhappy, fed-up thoughts, we tend to get more unhappy and more fed-up – it’s the way our minds operate!  So, I work with my clients to break that negative cycle and encourage them to start focusing on what they are happy with, to adopt an attitude of gratitude.  Maybe you’re not particularly happy with your body at the moment, but what are you grateful for in your life?  Perhaps you have a wonderful, supportive partner, or children who inspire you to be healthier?  How about all of the qualities you have that can help you on your way – your organisational skills, the way you motivate others, your attention to detail?  These are all things you can be grateful for and when we start to focus on feeling grateful, we automatically start to feel good!

Have you ever noticed that when you feel good, life is so much easier?  You have more energy, you can get things done and everything seems more enjoyable.  Well, by adopting an attitude to gratitude, you will be creating a shift in your mindset which makes it far easier to get what you want.

So, why not try it?  Start today and before you go to sleep tonight, think of three things you are grateful for.  Make this a bedtime ritual and I guarantee you will see a difference in your thinking.   Have a go and let me know how you get on.

How We Can Change in a Moment.

14 Dec

Sometimes we feel like it will take a lifetime for us to make the changes we want to make.  It’s easy to get disheartened and just not bother, but let’s remember those times when we changed in a flash. 

I worked with someone recently who had started to have a phobia over the past year.  It came on very suddenly, for no apparent reason and ever since he has had difficulty in certain situations.  He felt that he would just have to put up with this phobia from now on and work around it, however, I took the fact that it had started so suddenly as a positive.   If we can change one way in an instant, we can change for the better just as quickly.

Our subconscious mind reacts to situations based on the information it has and it always tries to work in our favour.  However, sometimes this can lead to patterns of behaviour which are not beneficial for us.   Phobias can be formed as a way for our subconscious to protect us – it’s trying to help, but it can be very limiting for us.

By the end of the session with my client, he said he felt like a different person; he was calm and felt positive about dealing with the same situation in the future.   Through hypnotherapy we had changed his response to this particular trigger from fear and anxiety to calm and relaxation.

We each have all the resources within us to achieve whatever we want to; sometimes our subconscious gets a bit mixed up and needs some help so that we respond in a different way.   Hypnotherapy can help us to make these changes, quickly and easily.  We don’t always have to look at why we are reacting in a particular way, we just have to decide how we would prefer to respond and let our subconscious know that.  It really is that easy!

If there’s something you would like to change, why not get in touch today and do something about it?

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