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And Relax!

19 Jan

January can be a difficult month.   After the big build-up to Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, we can feel a bit flat as life returns to ‘normal’ and the summer seems a long way off.  On top of that, we’ve often set ourselves a whole list of resolutions which we’ve broken already, leaving us feeling frustrated and disappointed.

So, this January why not be a bit easier on yourself and take some time out to just relax and chill out?  It’s great to have goals and to make changes, but often we can achieve much more by simply letting go a bit. 

Relaxation is a key element of my work with hypnotherapy clients.  By guiding someone into a state of deep relaxation, it’s much easier to make positive changes to our thought processes and behaviour.  I often get people coming to me who claim they ‘can’t’ relax and, of course, I don’t contradict them, but within a few minutes I know they will be sat back, eyes closed, wonderfully calm and peaceful.  I find that when people say they can’t relax, what they really mean is that they just don’t take the time out to do it.

The fact is that by simply taking some time out of our day to relax, we replenish ourselves, recharging our batteries, and this can often give us the boost we need to help us achieve our goals much more easily.

You don’t have to spend hours meditating to benefit from this; for just 10 minutes a day, sitting quietly or perhaps in the bath, say to yourself  ‘this is my time’ and allow yourself to switch off.   Focus on your breathing and let your mind drift, don’t worry if thoughts pop up, as they doubtless will, just notice them and then let them go.

So, why not make that your resolution?   Take 10 minutes a day for yourself and everything else will follow. 

If you find that difficult, then I’ve recorded a new CD which will help you drift into a state of blissful relaxation, so contact me to get a copy.

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