Are you struggling with fertility issues?

Does it feel like all your energy and thoughts are taken up with the aim of getting pregnant, leaving you stressed and disheartened?

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Whether you are suffering from unexplained infertility or you have a physiological reason, you can end up feeling powerless and very alone.   Subconscious blocks or stress have often been the cause of infertility and I offer specialised sessions to help with these issues.  I also offer a program specifically designed to support clients through IVF.

Mind/body treatment of infertility patients has been shown to increase pregnancy rates, as well as reducing psychological distress.  I will tailor a course of treatment to your needs, so contact me now to have a friendly chat and discuss how I can help you.

Words of praise

‘When I came to see Nicola for hypnotherapy last year, I’d recently had a miscarriage and my worries about it happening again and my fears of how long it might take to fall pregnant, were making me feel anxious and the whole baby making ‘process’ was feeling just that, a process.

My husband and I have recently welcomed a really special arrival, our baby boy Elliott who was born at the end if September. He’s 7 weeks now and whilst sleep deprivation is high(!) we wouldn’t change a thing.’


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