Christmas Weight Loss Tip – Set Your Intention

19 Nov


After watching this video, I wanted to share some ideas with you on HOW to set your intention.

The first thing I would recommend is to write it down, take some time to write down what your intention is- how do you want to be, what are you doing to achieve this.  By writing it down, you are making a powerful declaration of your intention.  It can be helpful to write your intention on some post-it notes and stick them around your house, in your car, at your desk, anywhere you will see them to keep your focus.

The second way is to state your intention out loud to yourself.  Think of a sentence that encompasses your intention, for example, ‘I make healthy choices, eating only when I am hungry, letting the weight drop away’.  Make sure this sentence fits for you and say it to yourself as often as you can, when you get up in the morning, before any social occasions and last thing at night.

As a final way of setting your intention, find an object or image which represents what you want to achieve.  It could be a stone that you keep in your pocket, or a photo of you looking great.   Carry this object or image with you, or put it somewhere you can see it often.  Whenever you see this image or touch the object, you will be reminded of your intention, giving you strength and focus.

Choose one of these methods or use all three to get extra powerful results.

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