Have you got a stone in your shoe?

7 Jul

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photography-walking-boots-image27270242Can I share a secret with you? 

Sometimes I find it difficult to explain exactly what I do for my clients.  I know I’m a hypnotherapist, an EFT practitioner and a coach.  I know I help clients to be more successful, feel more confident, lose weight or start a family.  But how does this happen?

Well I could say that I help clients to overcome any subconscious blocks or limiting beliefs to achieve their goals and dreams.  That makes sense, but it might not mean much to you.  You might not completely get what I mean by subconscious blocks or limiting beliefs.

Often it helps to explain ideas and concepts by using a metaphor or a story and recently a metaphor has kept coming to me, which sums up perfectly what I do and how I work.

It first came to me when I was out for a walk and I noticed I had a stone in my sandal.  It was only a small stone.  It was irritating, but not too painful, so I kept walking for a while (to tell you the truth, I just couldn’t be bothered to stop and get it out!)

The thing is, although I kept walking, I couldn’t move my attention away from that stone.  I couldn’t stop focusing on it.  I stopped enjoying my walk and the stone was becoming more uncomfortable by the minute.

Eventually, as the stone actually did start to feel painful, I stopped and hooked it out.  What a sense of relief!  I could walk freely and get back to being in the moment and enjoying my surroundings.

Now, you might be asking, ‘Nicola, why on earth are you talking about stones and sandals?  Have you gone crazy?’

Well, my point is that when you have some sort of subconscious block or limiting belief, it’s like having a stone in your shoe.  You might not notice it too much to begin with.  You might be able to put up with it and carry on with life.  But at some level, that stone will be taking your attention and your energy.

The more you try to ignore it, that stone will become more and more noticeable.  As it does, you might start to walk less and less to avoid the discomfort.  You may even find that you don’t bother going out at all because you know that stone is going to cause you pain.

So, this is a metaphor for the work I do.   I help to hook that stone out of your shoe so you can move forward freely, without feeling restricted and without experiencing pain.

Sometimes we put with things for too long – whether it’s a stone in your sandal, a destructive relationship, an unhelpful habit or a limiting belief.  We get so used to it that the discomfort begins to feel normal. 

I wonder if you have a metaphorical stone in your shoe?  I wonder if you have been putting up with pain for too long?

If you have, then maybe it’s time to let it go?  I would love for you to be able to start enjoying your walk through life.

If you want to find out more about how I can help, contact me now to arrange a free 30-minute consultation and let’s talk.

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