The Power of Anticipation

25 May

I am going on holiday tomorrow and I’ve had a wonderful buzz of anticipation all week.  I’m sure we’re all familiar with that lovely feeling of looking forward to something special, giving us an extra spring in our steps!

This feeling of anticipation is something I encourage with all my clients who are working to make changes, in particular with those who have fertility issues.   Often when couples are trying to have a baby, they are scared to look forward to how it will be when they have a child.  They can feel that by getting excited about the prospect of having a baby they will somehow jinx their efforts.

The same often applies to weight loss clients who are reluctant to imagine how life will be when they lose the weight they want to.  They don’t want to get excited about the possibility, ‘just in case it doesn’t happen and then I will be even more disappointed’.

By holding back on looking forward we are sending a powerful message to our minds that we don’t think whatever we’re working towards is going to happen.   This can prevent us from achieving our goals AND stop us from feeling good in the meantime.   So, give yourself permission to get excited, look forward and enjoy that wonderful feeling of anticipation.  I guarantee that you will feel great AND find that you get to where you’re wanting to go much more easily.

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