Success Stories

Here are some examples of the feedback I have received from previous clients:


Depression, Anxiety & PTSD (Received September 2015)

‘Nicola is an incredibly gifted therapist. Warm, personable, approachable, intelligent, intuitive and humble are but a few of the adjectives which describe her abundance of interpersonal skills.

I immediately felt comfortable and safe in Nicola’s confidence which has allowed me to tap deep into my inner self and un-block those parts of my being which I had buried through my irrational fears.

I approached Nicola during a time of my life when I was struggling with depression, anxiety and PTSD. With Nicola’s guidance and support I have lived through the most remarkable transformation over a 10 week period and risen like a proverbial phoenix from the ashes.

Resultantly I feel like a brand new and invincible me. I can’t thank Nicola enough for her amazing insight which has opened a new chapter of my life abundant with personal happiness and financial security.’

Exam Stress & Anxiety (Received August 2014)

I wanted to thank you SO much for your help in getting me through my June exams, adopting a positive attitude and improving my confidence. Since I last saw you, I have felt naturally happy and anxiety-free. I received my exam results just over a week ago and did much better than I had expected – I got into my first choice university!  I am now looking forward to my future at uni (armed with the tapping technique if I ever feel overwhelmed!) which wouldn’t be the case if I hadn’t have had your help.’

Letting go of the past (Received June 2014)holistic-health-5

‘My sessions with you have complimented so much of the personal development work I’ve done.  I feel lighter, freer, yes definitely free ….. he he, actually make me want to chuckle.  I feel clean!

You have a lovely warm and embracing personality and the moment I met you I knew I was in good hands and that I was in a safe place.

I love the fact that I now have a technique I can use on myself with brilliant results (EFT).  Just worked through some more stuff 🙂 yippee v happy bunny’

Working with deep emotional issues (Received May 2014)

‘Nicola, you helped me enormously to clear some very heavy emotional blocks which had been dragging me down for decades! Your powerful use of EFT, coupled with your inherent kindness and understanding are a simply magical. I’m so grateful to you for your wonderful work.

It is hard to explain how I feel, but I think the best word to describe it is “unburdened”.  I feel as if a huge, heavy mantle has been lifted from my being.  I attribute this hugely to the wonderful healing sessions I had with you – EFT and hypnotherapy.  I’ve long believed in EFT and have used it a couple of times, but the sessions I had with you were extremely powerful.  I feel like I have cleared some heavy emotional blocks and am now ready to move forward in a very positive way.  The issues that I had been carrying around with me for years have gone.  It’s a wonderful feeling.’

Weight Management Client (Received January 2014)

 ‘I had six sessions on mindfulness and hypnotherapy for weight loss with Nicola in the Summer of 2013 and I found it happy_healthy_womanlife-changing.

Looking back I can really see a difference in my relationship with food, which has been sustained all over the Christmas period and a couple of months of being sedentary with a foot injury.

Whereas before I was very used to popping all sorts of food into my mouth without thinking (if you’re standing up it doesn’t count etc.!), the biggest change has been in becoming very conscious of the food that goes into my mouth and whether I genuinely want it!


 What the sessions also helped me with was developing strategies specifically for me which help me to deal with my particular problem – I always had difficulty not clearing my plate, now I use a smaller plate and start off with half the amount of food I would previously have had, knowing I can have more if I’m still hungry.  I was also eating “preventatively”, i.e. in case I got hungry later on – now I make sure I have a couple of biscuits in my bag in case I do get hungry – I’ve never eaten them! I realise I had never actually felt hungry and now I have learned to recognise that feeling and not panic.


 I would thoroughly recommend Nicola’s one-to-one programme (I’m convinced you need the individual attention) and I can truthfully say it is the best money I have ever spent!’

Anxiety About Pregnancy (Received November 2013)

‘When I came to see you for hypnotherapy last year, I’d recently had a miscarriage and my worries about it happening again and Planting seeds imagemy fears of how long it might take to fall pregnant, were making me feel anxious and the whole baby making ‘process’ was feeling just that, a process.

My husband and I have recently welcomed a really special arrival, our baby boy Elliott who was born at the end if September.  He’s 7 weeks now and whilst sleep deprivation is high(!) we wouldn’t change a thing.

I do believe that with your help in getting me to relax and not worry and put lots of my worries in ‘boxes’, it’s helped us get to where we are now.  So thank you very much.’


Confidence & Well-being (August 2013)

Nicola’s warm, friendly, sensitive & compassionate approach put me completely at ease.

Not knowing what to expect I have been astonished at the results. My stress levels are lower than I can remember in years & I feel in control & motivated to achieve my goals.

I would highly recommend giving it a try. I wanted life to be different & taking this step has bought about genuine changes in how I feel & function. Very satisfied customer!


Weight Loss (May 2013)

holistic-joy-300x300‘I have been overweight for many years and tried every diet going, without long term success. I would lose 2-3 stone and then promptly put it all back on again. I decided to try hypnotherapy in a bid to make the long term changes I needed to maintain my weight loss and keep it off for good.  After an initial telephone consultation with Nicola we decided that a 6 session course would be the most beneficial option and we met the following week for my first session.


Nicola instantly made me feel at ease and, whilst a little skeptical, I really was hypnotised! It was the most natural and relaxing experience and not scary and worrying in anyway. I have since completed my six-week course and can honestly say my whole relationship with food has changed completely. The way I think when I reach for food, the amount I eat and the feeling of being “out of control” has gone. The weight loss has been slow and steady and I feel like I am now able to make choices with food no longer ruling my life. I do not have to deprive myself of anything and the relief I feel that I am no longer “dieting” is a great feeling.


A very positive and life changing experience and I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy, provided you really do want your outlook to change.


It’s been a pleasure working with Nicola and I know she is there should I ever need her in the future .’


Weight Loss (Feb 2013)

Gratitude image‘I do not normally leave a testimonial but felt I had no choice but to leave Nicola one.  My sessions were nominally to deal with weight loss but Nicola’s holistic approach meant that we deatl with far more than that, as ultimately all the other issues were responsible for the weight gain.

The six sessions were like an hour-long oasis and break away from the pressures of my hectic life.  After each session I was so much more relaxed and productive.  The weight loss is happening with no effort and it has been a natural process, as the barriers have disappeared.  The issues haven’t disappeared but I feel so much more positive and relaxed, which means I am dealing with those issues in a much better way.

I started with Nicola to deal with the weight loss and instead, I have managed to relax, whilst still losing weight.  I have been so impressed that I have already organised to do the smoking cessation with Nicola and have asked her to do me two CDs which are designed specifically around the issues raised in our sessions.  I was naturally a sceptic of the whole process and now am writing her a testimonial…. What a complete turnaround! ‘

Weight Loss (Dec 2012)‘I completed a 6-week course with Nicola and cannot believe the change in myself & my eating habits!  I now know when I am full, I enjoy every bit of food I eat, I go for the healthy option rather than the quick fix and more importantly I have lost weight and feel so much happier & fitter in myself.

Little tips like put everything you eat on a plate (even a biscuit) has just made such a difference to me.  Not only did the course help immensely with my eating habits it also helped me become a much more positive & focused individual.  I am no longer the person who munched on the foods I shouldn’t all day or the person who tried every different fitness regime and then give up weeks later… I am now a person who eats a healthy balanced diet, exercises on a regular basis and who feels so much better in themselves!  Thank you Nicola, you helped me make a difference :)’

Weight Loss (Sept 2012)‘I’ve just finished a 6 weeks course with Nicola tackling my previous eating problem/behaviour. She was approachable, kind, professional and compassionate on every visit and in such a short time has helped me overcome and find answers to why I ate so badly and binged, by identifying some key situations in my past that were the root cause of my problem.

Finding those answers has empowered me to take responsibility for myself and eat ‘like a grown up’. By following her few guidelines alongside the hypnotherapy, for the first time in years I’m focussing on what I want to eat (everything’s allowed!) rather than losing weight and its transformed how I think about myself and food and the weight is coming off by itself without any conscious effort. For anyone who has the same problem, I can perhaps best sum up this major change by saying that I can now happily have an open packet of biscuits in the house without eating them all!  My self confidence is on the up and is having a positive impact on the rest of my life too. The monkey has finally got off my back and I feel so much better.

All this thanks to Nicola and her counselling and hypnotherapy.  I have no hesitation in recommending her to you if you need some help in freeing yourself from the hell of bad eating.’

Hypno-Birth (Aug 2012)

cute-baby-1I really had a wonderful birth experience.  Yes, it hurt, but a bearable pain which I could deal with.  I cannot believe I put off having children for so long because I was so scared of the birth.  It is such a small part of a wonderful lifetime thing!  I cannot believe how positively I went into it.  I was not frightened at all.  I just kept my focus and Dad knew exactly what I wanted (or didn’t want – NO MASSAGE!)  I feel that we really worked as a team and that was due to the hypnotherapy sessions.  It made us talk about things that we just wouldn’t have thought about discussing between us.  It definitely helped my positive thinking.

Hypno Gastric Band (Oct 2011)

‘It’s been 8 weeks now since I have had my “Band” fitted.  I have lost, so far, 24 pounds in weight and I have never felt so happy and in control of my life!   I have started to say “no” more often, without feeling guilty.

I want to take this time to thank you for everything you have done for me.  You are amazing.’

Fertility (Aug 2011)‘I came to see Nicola at Horizon Hypnotherapy for help with fertility issues.  I found her approach very helpful, friendly & professional.  I really appreciated being able to talk through my problems with Nicola, who was very understanding & positive.  I had not had hypnotherapy before & didn’t know how it would feel like.  I needn’t have worried – I came away from each session feeling very relaxed & positive.  Nicola also helped with a presentation I was fearing giving – this really helped me to have a positive outlook through visualisation – and it went really well.  I highly recommend Nicola at Horizon Hypnotherapy.’

Weight Loss (Feb 2011)

‘I absolutely love my sessions with Nicola, they are like a mini-holiday in my hectic life and afterwards I am so much calmer and more productive – and that is not the reason I am seeing her!   I have noticed how previously embedded thought patterns and self-destructive tendencies have melted away with no effort, it has been a natural and wonderful process as my mind is no longer my worst enemy all the time!  Life has taken a noticeable upward turn (and it wasn’t going too badly before I started my sessions) as I feel so much more positive and relaxed.  I started with Nicola to stop myself from doing the usual thing of extreme training and controlled eating in the run up to my wedding – usual in that the old me would have pressurised myself no end, and not enjoyed the wonderful time of being engaged and would have created way more stress.  Instead, I managed to relax and enjoy myself, while still doing the training and nutrition, but in a more relaxed and productive way!   I was so happy on my wedding day and enjoyed the honeymoon without stressing about the all-inclusive food and drink!   I also got back from honeymoon and didn’t do the usual post-indulgence denial thing, and the same went for Christmas and New Year, too.   I am in just as good shape physically as I was when I was severely restricting and stressing over it all, but I am in a much better shape mentally.  I was worried that relaxing would mean letting it all go to pot, but hypno has meant that is not the case at all!’

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