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5 Feb

An experience I had today has led me to think about how often we can be carrying things that are really not helpful.  I have been driving around with a massage couch in the back of my car for the last couple of weeks – I had visited a friend to give her a well-deserved massage and rather than lifting it out of my car as soon as I got home, I thought ‘oh, I’ll just do it later’.  And of course, it stayed banging around in the back of my car, getting in the way, causing me to use more petrol and generally irritating me every time I went to drive somewhere.

Silly eh?   Why didn’t I just take it out straight  away?  Why did I put up with this extra burden when I could have cleared it away?  Well, today I finally moved the couch back into my house and I felt better immediately.  My car has more space and I know I won’t have that nagging feeling whenever I go to drive.

So, you may be thinking, why is Nicola telling us this?  Well it got me thinking about all the things we carry with us in life that are not helpful – maybe it’s extra physical weight, emotional issues, worries or anxieties, perhaps it’s a cluttered environment that we live in.  All of these things hold us back in some way, they niggle us and take up our energy.  And do you know what?  We can choose to put them down.  We can choose to clear some space and unburden ourselves.

Imagine how it would be to put down that weight you’ve been carrying, emotionally or physically – the relief you would experience.

Well,  I can help with that.  Using hypnotherapy we can work together to let go of anything you’re carrying that isn’t serving you.  So, what would you like to clear away?  Contact me and find out how I can help.

And, if it’s physical weight you want to let go of, then I am starting a special online programme which is the perfect solution.  Click here for more details and to sign-up.

Get some calm.

5 Dec

In the busy run-up to Christmas, I just wanted to provide a quick tip to help you get some calm.

I was inspired by my own experience a couple of nights ago when I was trying to get to sleep and my mind was SO active! I wasn’t worrying, I was excited about a new project I’m planning and my mind was whirring.  I often work with clients to help them let go of any worries or anxieties, but I didn’t want to completely let go of my excited thoughts, I just wanted to put them to one side and get some sleep!

So, what did I do?  Well, it sounds simple, but I just imagined that my thoughts were inside a helium balloon.  I allowed that balloon to gently float up to the corner of my room and just sit there, ready for the morning when I wanted them back.  I clearly imagined the colour of the balloon and saw length of ribbon hanging down beneath it, so I could grab it back when I was ready to get excited again.

You may be thinking, ‘surely that couldn’t work, it couldn’t be that easy!’  Well, I tell you, it did work.  My mind slowed down and whenever my thoughts started whirring again, I took myself back to that balloon.  It was a simple way of containing my thinking.  Very soon I was fast asleep and woke up feeling refreshed.

I know we can all have lots on our minds at this time of year, so why not try this simple technique when you need some peace?  Let me know how it works for you.

Keeping it Simple

25 Sep

Do you ever have a day when your mind just won’t settle in one place?   Your thoughts are  jumping from one place to another, like a naughty puppy, and your  head feels busy.  This can be very unsettling; we find it difficult to focus, sometimes we may have trouble sleeping and often we just don’t know where to start.

I often find this when I’m working with clients; they can come to me with a whole lot of information which is so helpful for me to hear, but can feel overwhelming for them.   So, what I do is start with something simple.  We don’t need to deal with everything right now, we don’t have to know exactly where we’re going and we don’t have to make any life-changing decisions in the next ten minutes.  Pick one thing to focus on and do it.

As an example, with my weight loss clients I want to hear a full history of their experience to date, what their relationship with food is like, what they have tried in the past and what losing weight will mean to them.  However, this takes time and I understand that it can feel muddled and confusing for my client.  Because of this, at the end of our first session I give them something simple to focus on for the next week; I give them a food diary to keep, not for me to check up on what they’re eating (I’m not into checking up on people!), but for them to notice how they’re feeling when they’re wanting to eat – are they sad, stressed, bored, angry?  This information will help us to identify any emotional triggers for eating and once we recognise these, we can work with them.

I find that having this simple tool to focus on helps my clients to move forwards.   The information out there relating to weight loss can be overpowering so people end up doing nothing because they can’t choose what’s best for them.  So, for this next week why not pick one helpful thing to do and do it?  It’s much easier to focus on one thing than lots.  Keep it simple and you’ll find it much easier to maintain.

What are you going to choose to focus on?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

The Beauty of Paying Attention

12 Jun

I am reading Julia Cameron’s wonderful book The Artist’s Way at the moment and one of the things she talks about very eloquently is the value of paying attention to what’s around you.

Often we can be rushing around from one thing to the next, barely noticing the people, places and natural beauty that surrounds us.   This can result in feeling stressed and disconnected, damaging  relationships and our own well-being.  If we can learn to slow down, even occasionally, and pay attention to what is happening around us right now, it can be immensely healing.  Life will automatically feel more manageable and you will gain a sense of perspective.

We can often miss so much as we simply don’t take the time to notice.  Recently I watched the television programme Britain in a Day which was made up from snippets of film that a range of different people captured, showing what they did on a particular day.  Much of this was the ‘ordinary’ stuff that we all do all the time, however, this ordinary-ness was what made it funny, moving and quite remarkable.

It’s easy to dismiss the people and things that we see all the time as  boring and not worthy of our attention, but if we just take the time to notice we might realise that we’re surrounded by beauty.  Why not try paying attention right now and let me know how you get on?

Hypnotherapy and Anxiety

22 May

Clients often come to me wanting help with anxiety and this is often underlying with other problems, such as weight loss, smoking and fertility issues.

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful way of helping to ease anxiety – it is deeply relaxing and encourages clients to slow down and notice what is happening for them at any given time.   However, it is important to realise that we all experience some form of anxiety pretty much every day.  This may be fairly low level, for example feeling a bit stressed sitting in a queue of traffic, or it could have more of an impact, i.e. severe anxiety or panic attacks.  Whatever the case, anxiety is part of the human condition, we are programmed to respond to certain situations with an unconscious ‘fight or flight’ response and it can be very helpful at times.

We often beat ourselves up about feeling anxious, worrying about how much we worry, stressing about how stressed we are.  This can build up and up until we’re ready to blow our tops.  With my clients, the first step is always to acknowledge that it’s ok to be anxious – give yourself a break!  Just realising that some anxiety is normal can help people to feel calmer.

We can then start to look at ways of managing anxiety, not trying to force it away, but  noticing how any anxiety is being experienced – where is it being held in the body, what thoughts are leading to it, how do we behave when we’re anxious?

Once we have some of this information, we can start working with it.  One of the exercises I suggest is to imagine breathing into the part of the body where you are holding anxiety, allowing the breath to flow in and starting to relax and let go of any physical tension.  As soon as you start focusing on the breath, your mind starts to slow down and we send a powerful message to the body to relax.

Another technique if you are struggling with worrying thoughts is just to notice each one as it comes into your mind and then imagine that thought being encased in a bubble.  Once it is inside the bubble, visualise it floating away from you.  As it gets further away, just notice how you feel different.  You may have a lot of bubbles to start off with and that’s ok.  Let them all float away and notice how they become fewer and fewer.  This is a powerful tool that can be used at any time.

There are lots of ways of working with anxiety and hypnotherapy is particularly helpful as it deals with the unconscious mind.  If you would like to discuss this with me in more detail, then get in touch.

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