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Hypnotherapy for Fertility

18 Apr

Spring can seem like a very fertile time of year, with buds appearing on the trees and baby animals playing in the fields.   However, for couples struggling to conceive time can pass by in a blur as they focus on trying to get pregnant.

Many people don’t consider hypnotherapy when looking for ways to help with fertility, as they see this as a physical issue.    However, there is a very powerful connection between the body and mind and hypnotherapy can help to use this link in a very positive way.  When we are stressed, the body can go into ‘fight or flight’ mode taking the focus away from any systems that aren’t deemed completely necessary, one of which is the reproductive organs.  By using hypnotherapy to relax, the body will feel more in balance and more ready to have a baby.

There can also be underlying emotional reasons which may prevent conception; this may be something from your own childhood or perhaps you have worries about how you will cope with a baby.  Hypnotherapy can help to identify these unconscious emotional issues and help to reframe them in a positive way.

If you are struggling to conceive at the moment, why not contact me and we can talk about the ways that hypnotherapy can help you.  I’d love to help.

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