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An Attitude of Gratitude

30 Oct

Most of the people who come to see me want to make some sort of change in their lives, maybe they want to lose weight, feel more confident or even have a baby.  This means that there is generally something they are currently unhappy with.  When we’re unhappy or dissatisfied with an element of our lives, we can get tied up with thinking about it constantly.  We can start obsessing with how overweight we are or the fact that we just can’t seem to get pregnant.  This kind of thinking can easily turn into a downward spiral and it can be difficult to see a way out.

When we’re thinking unhappy, fed-up thoughts, we tend to get more unhappy and more fed-up – it’s the way our minds operate!  So, I work with my clients to break that negative cycle and encourage them to start focusing on what they are happy with, to adopt an attitude of gratitude.  Maybe you’re not particularly happy with your body at the moment, but what are you grateful for in your life?  Perhaps you have a wonderful, supportive partner, or children who inspire you to be healthier?  How about all of the qualities you have that can help you on your way – your organisational skills, the way you motivate others, your attention to detail?  These are all things you can be grateful for and when we start to focus on feeling grateful, we automatically start to feel good!

Have you ever noticed that when you feel good, life is so much easier?  You have more energy, you can get things done and everything seems more enjoyable.  Well, by adopting an attitude to gratitude, you will be creating a shift in your mindset which makes it far easier to get what you want.

So, why not try it?  Start today and before you go to sleep tonight, think of three things you are grateful for.  Make this a bedtime ritual and I guarantee you will see a difference in your thinking.   Have a go and let me know how you get on.

Tapping into your Resources

1 Oct


Often in my work, I find that clients tend to focus on what they perceive to be their ‘negative’ habits such as eating unhealthy foods or drinking too much.  They feel that they have no control over these behaviours and find them difficult to change.  They can end up feeling really disheartened and I hear them being hard on themselves, as they know what they want to do, but just can’t seem to do it.

Rather than focusing on ‘not’ doing these unhelpful habits, I ask my clients to decide what they would like to do instead.  Maybe they would prefer to eat more fruit and veg or go for a run/walk three times a week.  I then ask them to think about any positive habits they already have.  This can leave people a bit stumped as often we only think of habits as being negative when in fact many of the things we do on daily basis are really helpful.  For example, all of us get up in the morning and brush our teeth – we do it automatically, without any real effort and it’s really important!  Another example may be making healthy packed lunches for the kids – often we find it easier to do things for others than we do for ourselves.

I then ask my clients to tap into how it feels when they are doing these helpful habits and start transferring some of these feelings over to any new behaviours they want to try out.  Hypnotherapy is very beneficial with this, as it works with the unconscious mind where real shifts in our thoughts and feelings can be made.

We already have all the resources we need to make the changes we want to, we just need to recognise our strengths, what we’re already doing well, and tap into them.  My clients are often surprised when I point this out, as they are so used to giving themselves a hard time.  They’ve forgotten all of those things they do every day (often for other people) which are amazing.

So, why not have a think now about any positive habits you have?  Once you recognise your resources, you can start using them to make the changes you want to.  Be inspired by yourself!

Keeping it Simple

25 Sep

Do you ever have a day when your mind just won’t settle in one place?   Your thoughts are  jumping from one place to another, like a naughty puppy, and your  head feels busy.  This can be very unsettling; we find it difficult to focus, sometimes we may have trouble sleeping and often we just don’t know where to start.

I often find this when I’m working with clients; they can come to me with a whole lot of information which is so helpful for me to hear, but can feel overwhelming for them.   So, what I do is start with something simple.  We don’t need to deal with everything right now, we don’t have to know exactly where we’re going and we don’t have to make any life-changing decisions in the next ten minutes.  Pick one thing to focus on and do it.

As an example, with my weight loss clients I want to hear a full history of their experience to date, what their relationship with food is like, what they have tried in the past and what losing weight will mean to them.  However, this takes time and I understand that it can feel muddled and confusing for my client.  Because of this, at the end of our first session I give them something simple to focus on for the next week; I give them a food diary to keep, not for me to check up on what they’re eating (I’m not into checking up on people!), but for them to notice how they’re feeling when they’re wanting to eat – are they sad, stressed, bored, angry?  This information will help us to identify any emotional triggers for eating and once we recognise these, we can work with them.

I find that having this simple tool to focus on helps my clients to move forwards.   The information out there relating to weight loss can be overpowering so people end up doing nothing because they can’t choose what’s best for them.  So, for this next week why not pick one helpful thing to do and do it?  It’s much easier to focus on one thing than lots.  Keep it simple and you’ll find it much easier to maintain.

What are you going to choose to focus on?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.


10 Sep

I am currently putting together a new weight loss program which will enable me to work with clients online and I have spent a lot of time thinking about what the focus of the plan will be.  One word that I kept coming back to was ‘nurture’.  When I looked up the definition of this word, I was struck by the fact that it means both ‘to nourish’ and also ‘to grow and develop’.  Both of these ideas are key to the weight loss work I do with my clients.

My aim is to help clients find healthy ways to nourish themselves, both in terms of food and other means, for example, finding an activity they love or taking more time just for them.   During the course of our work together, my clients tend to naturally find that they grow and develop, discovering what their unconscious needs and motivations are.  I want the weight loss experience to be a nurturing process, rather than feeling deprived, and because I set out with this intention my clients can actually enjoy losing weight!

So, how can we use this idea of ‘nurture’ in our everyday lives?  Well I have made a decision to focus on nurturing myself in a different way every day.  Some days this may be a yoga class or a massage, other days it may simply be taking some time out in the garden or sitting down with cup of tea.   Whatever you choose to do, the important thing is to approach it with the intention of nurturing yourself.  Once you set this intention, even if what you choose is something you do every day, it will feel different.

Why not start today and find ways to nurture yourself?  I’d love to hear your experience, so let me know what you choose to do.

Olympic Inspirations

2 Aug

I’m sure many of you have been watching the Olympics over the past few days and I have been struck by the dedication, motivation and also the creative thinking of many of the athletes involved.  It’s prompted me to think about ways in which we can use these qualities in our lives to make the changes we want to.

Ok, so most of us don’t see ourselves as elite athletes, but we can still incorporate aspects of what they do in our everyday lives .   Just by watching our Olympic heroes pushing themselves to their limits, we are making a real difference to our mindsets.

A friend of mine told me that he was in the gym on the cross-trainer when watching Bradley Wiggins take gold in the cycling time trial.  He is a regular gym-goer and was surprised that as he watched Bradley winning the race, he was able to work at a harder level on the cross-trainer, for a longer period of time, without even thinking about it.  Usually this would feel like really hard work, but he was unconsciously inspired to do more.

It doesn’t matter what we want to achieve, whether it is getting fitter, eating more healthily, making a change at work or having better relationships, watching these amazing athletes shows us that anything is possible.    A wonderful example of this is Helen Glover, who only took up rowing four years ago and is now an Olympic gold medallist.  What would you like to achieve in the next four years if anything was possible?  What small step can you take towards that achievement today?  Why not go and do it now?

I’d love to hear about what you’ve been inspired to do….and if you would like some support on your journey, why not get in touch and find out how I can help you?

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