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The Power of Positive Rituals

24 Jan


Taking the powerWhen clients come to me, we often work on behaviour that has become habitual. When we think about habits, we tend to focus on those habits that we feel are unhelpful – always having something sweet after meals, smoking or biting fingernails.  We talk about our ‘bad habits’, as if they are something we can’t change.


What I encourage my clients to do is to find a more positive habit to replace the old behaviour.   When we try not to do something, our minds can struggle.   This is why diets can be so troublesome – we are constantly thinking about the food we’re not allowed to eat!   That’s why it’s helpful to come up with an alternative.   That way our minds have something to focus on and the change feels a lot easier.


In their wonderful book ‘On Form’, Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz talk about positive rituals, ‘precise, consciously acquired behaviours that become automatic in our lives’, in other words – habits.  We can choose to establish new habits that become positive rituals in our daily lives, an established routine which is faithfully followed.


A number of my personal habits have become positive rituals, which form an important part of my life.   Some examples are:


  1. Morning Meditation.  This is something that has become part of my daily routine now, setting me up for the day.   On those days that I miss my meditation, I notice that I feel less grounded.


  2. Walk to work Wednesday.  I like to walk as often as I can and on a Wednesday, I make a special effort to walk to the therapy room where I am based.  It’s a habit that often spreads to other days of the week and has a positive impact on my body and mind.


  3. Curry Thursday.  Now this might not sound like a particularly positive habit (bear with me!)  Curry Thursday is my date night with Mr H and is something we have done since we first met.  It’s now firmly embedded as part of our relationship and is important as often we don’t see much of each other during the week.  It’s a positive ritual that means that we always make this time for each other.


So, my challenge to you this week is to think about at least one positive ritual that you can begin to make part of your routine. What area of your life would you like to improve? Maybe your positive ritual could apply to your health, your relationship, your work or your self-care?

Take some time to think about it now and feel free to commit to your new positive ritual below in the comments.

Can Hypnosis Help You to STOP Smoking?

27 Sep

No-SmokingDid you know on 1st October the NHS start their annual campaign to encourage smokers to stop smoking for 28 days?

The campaign is called Stoptober and the idea is that if someone can stay smoke-free for this amount of time, they are five times more  likely to stop completely.

So, have you been thinking about giving up smoking?  Have you tried in the past and started again?  Are you fed-up with spending so much money on this habit that you really want to give up?

Hypnotherapy has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to support you in becoming a non-smoker.   Using hypnosis, we can access the subconscious mind, changing your thought patterns and letting go of unwanted habits.

As part of Stoptober, I am offering my smoking cessation sessions at a special price of £145 (standard price is £195).  For this you will receive:

  • Comprehensive pre-assessment smoking questionnaire, so I can tailor the session precisely to your needs.
  • 90-minute hypnotherapy session.
  • Hypnosis MP3 for you to use at home.

This price is available for any sessions booked before 31st October 2013.

So, don’t delay – if you are ready to become a non-smoker, contact me for an initial chat.

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