Weight Loss

Are you struggling with your weight at the moment?

Does it feel like you’re constantly on a diet, but even though you have lost weight in the past, it has gone back on?

Have you tried everything and you are looking for a way to lose weight AND maintain that weight loss?

Well, you can relax, because I can help you change your mindset so that you lose weight in a way that feels natural, that isn’t a struggle and that you will be able to maintain in the long-term.

Sounds good?  I have worked with many people over the years to help them lose weight using a combination of hypnotherapy and emotional freedom technique.   I have a range of weight loss programs and there is sure to be one that is perfect for you!


Festive Weight Loss Offer!

Book and pay for your chosen weight loss package before Tuesday 22nd December and receive £100 off the full price.

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6 Weeks to a Lighter, Brighter You

happy_healthy_womanMy signature weight loss program.  Over six weekly, hour-long sessions, I will help to create shifts in your mindset so that you can lose weight in a truly maintainable way.    You will discover the power of eating only when you are hungry and be amazed at the difference in the amount you choose to eat.  We will also explore anything that might have been holding you back in the past, so that you are free to move forward and be the weight you want to be.

You will receive online support between sessions and at the end of the six weeks you will feel lighter, both physically and emotionally.

Word of Praise

‘I had six sessions on mindfulness and hypnotherapy for weight loss with Nicola in the Summer of 2013 and I found it life-changing.  I can really see a difference in my relationship with food, which has been sustained all over the Christmas period and a couple of months of being sedentary with a foot injury.’



http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-images-bored-healthy-eating-image18253299The HypnoGastricBand in its current form has been available since 2008, more recently there have been a lot of practitioners offering similar.  What you will find with the HypnoGastricBand is a step by step process that will bring you an effective way to manage your weight without dieting… no restrictions, no three meals a day, no drinking at certain times and no difficulty.

As well as carrying out the hypnotic gastric band process, we will deal with emotional eating, self-image, motivation and exercise to ensure you benefit from a truly holistic approach.

This can be carried out over four hour-long sessions or during one intensive two and half-hour session. The choice is completely yours!  Click here for more details.

A 30-minute free consultation is carried out beforehand to ensure that this approach is the right choice for you.

Words of praise

‘It’s been 8 weeks now since I have had my “Band” fitted.  I have lost, so far, 24 pounds in weight and I have never felt so happy and in control of my life!   I have started to say “no” more often, without feeling guilty.

I want to take this time to thank you for everything you have done for me.  You are amazing.’


For a free, friendly chat about how I can help you to lose the weight you want to, and feel amazing, contact me today.



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